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This Federal Logistics/Asset Management SuperSite, our first available updated SuperSite, is part of the family of Know Net 2 sites from FedEducation™ This link is to an external site.which focus on Federal knowledge management, e-learning and performance support.    

Federal Logistics/Asset Management includes the supply chain management of all inbound, outbound, internal and external movements, and disposal of equipment and materiel for environmental purposes as well as compliance with the key Federal laws and regulations governing this very important function. 

Novel Approach

We utilize a novel approach by providing a direct, timely, usable, and auditable connection between law, regulation, policy, and guidance and Agency management down through bench level practitioners (Federal employees and contractors) generating a significant cost, performance and accountability improvement.

This connection occurs in the Lessons in the Courses in the Logistics/Asset Management Curricula we offer.

These Courses, which form an extensive knowledge repository, are completely searchable across the entire Curriculum making our offering perfect for the quick look-up while simultaneously delivering a complete Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Continuous Learning Points (CLP) granting training solution.

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know why > know how > know nowTM

Whether used for on-the-job performance support or formal training and education in Logistics and Asset Management, the Know Net 2 Federal Logistics/Asset Management SuperSite integrates "know why" with "know how" to "know now!" 


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