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Know Net 2™ provides knowledge management, e-learning and performance support in the key functions of the U.S. Government through its SuperSites and Desk References &  Training Curricula framework. 

SuperSites can contain one or more Desk Reference & Training Curricula each addressing a complete body of knowledge delivered simultaneously as:

  • a knowledge management repository

  • professional e-learning courses

  • performance support.

The SuperSites also provide performance support resources accessible from the Desk References & Training Curricula.

Thus, Know Net 2™ can be accessed anytime a need presents itself to know how > know why > know now™.

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Each Course in The Desk References & Training Curricula contains Lessons which together comprise instruction in a complete body of knowledge. 

Each Lesson contains competency-based Learning Objectives, Lesson Topics and Lesson Resources.  Lessons can be used for on-demand online learning or for formal training and education.

Lessons are heavily integrated with Federal Law, Regulation, Policy & Guidance.  They may also be heavily integrated with an organization's own policies, procedures and processes.

Checklists, Case Studies, Decision Trees, Frequently-Asked Questions, Glossaries, Law Libraries, Links, Models, References and Tables are performance support resources integrated into The Know Net 2 Federal Desk References & Training Curricula.

Lessons can be customized and are delivered through an Agency Portal for organizations  or Individual Subscription and require issuance of personal access credentials upon completion of registration with FedEducationThis link is to an external site.

Usable as both a Desk Reference for quick on-the-job information and performance support and as formal training and professional education, The Know Net 2 Federal Desk References & Training Curricula is simply incomparable.

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Assessments are available directly from the Lessons.  These assessments document knowledge transfer and skills development.

In addition to in-lesson knowledge checks, assessments include:

  • Pre-Tests - taken before the course to identify areas where the student is proficient as well as areas where the student is not

  • Final Tests - taken to establish the level of knowledge and/or skill and to document the educational accomplishment.

Links are provided to the appropriate assessment to make it easy for students to access an assessment from each Lesson.

Successful completion of the final test results in award of Continuing Education Units(CEUs)/Continuous Learning Points (CLP).

Assessments can be customized for a Federal Agency and are delivered through an Agency Portal.  Assessments are also delivered to individual Federal Agency or Federal Contractor employees with an Individual Subscription.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are integrated with Know Net 2 by FedEducation™ This link is to an external site